Meet our Project Manager Kasper Fantenberg!

We are happy to introduce Kasper, who has been part of Agentum’s journey the longest of us all! He is a true spider in the web; he keeps the company running but works mostly behind the scenes. Kasper – we are lucky to have you!

Tell us about who you are and your journey so far.   

I am born and raised in Gothenburg and Stockholm but moved to Uppsala to study business, where I also became engaged in Uppsalaekonomerna. I eventually took on the position as Vice President and worked primarily with study surveillance, which included all relations with the university and improving education standards. After graduating, I applied to a master program in Business Administration and Informational Systems at Copenhagen Business School, which I am currently undertaking.

I have been working with Agentum for the past two years and seen this idea go from one employee (me) to the enthusiastic group that we currently are. I was recommended to the position by a friend – practicing what I preach with referral recruitment – who saw the match between my potential and Agentum’s needs.

On a personal level, my heart lies in Gotland where I spend all my summers. I previously worked a lot within the service industry and at home I enjoy cooking and baking – a much appreciated hobby by friends and family.

As a project manager, what projects are you working on?

As a project manager, I have had the chance to work a little bit with everything: sales, recruitment, agent relationships and product development. My main focus the past six months has been the technical platform that we are using: optimising design and functionality by acting as a bridge between the product team (programmer and designer) and the business team (CEO and strategy). I am currently working on updating the agent platform by using more statistics, developing new functions and new opportunities to engage agents and candidates through the website and agent portal. We are also looking into opportunities to provide more interim- and board positions, which would be a huge step forward.

For Agentum, my vision is to automate many of the processes so that the business model runs as smooth as possible. I always strive to improve strategies and techniques that enable Agentum to perform better and faster. The goal is to create a win-win situation for all parties. I want agents to feel included and appreciated, customers to feel happy with the product and our team to continue growing and maintaining an amazing team spirit. I believe that the more important soft values become in the matchmaking between candidates and companies, the more relevant our business model will become to recruiting companies.

Personally, I strive to further develop my function as a bridge between tech and business as I “speak both languages,” so to say. The more I learn about each, the better I can perform as a translator or facilitator between the two. In the near future I will be moving to Canada to study (and ski!). After that, I strive to finish my master’s degree at CBS before leaving Copenhagen for Stockholm with my girlfriend.

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