Meet Fredrik Engdahl, CCO of DanAds and Agent at Agentum

At the core of Agentum you’ll find our agents – the 1500 people who hold our entire business model up and running. They are the people who give us insight into their networks and share their knowledge of great people, so that we can reach out with open positions to the right ones.

As one of our most appreciated agents, we wanted to have a chat with Fredrik Engdahl to hear more about his inspiring position, his motivations, goals and his most recent relevant learning. Here’s what he shared.

Fredrik, tell us about your work position and your journey getting there.

I hold the position as Chief Commercial Officer at DanAds, who offer a self-service advertising platform which enables our customers such as eBay, TripAdvisor and Bloomberg to sell digital ads to smaller advertisers as simple as Facebook and Google can do. In my role, I am responsible for revenue, partnerships and profitability. I am also responsible for a client success team that works with helping and increasing our customers’ business on the platforms we provide.

I started my career as a management consultant focusing on media and telecoms; industries I find incredibly exciting considering the technology changes that are taking place, but after some years as consultant I became eager to try work on the “other side”. The idea was then to go to a small company within an industry that underwent rapid change, which I had also worked against earlier as a consultant. Doing so, I ended up at the Swedish video streaming and start-up company Magine in a role that was about building up their B2B business. From there I ended up since 6 months back at DanAds and in my current role.

Tell us about what motivates you and your goals for the future.

What drives me and what I enjoy to work with are roles where you constantly learn, where you get to create something new and challenge old truths, and work with people who are smarter than myself and challenge me to develop. Professionally, my goal is to be involved in building something new and growing it into a world-leading company, but above all to have fun!

As a father since three months, my everyday life has changed quite so radically, and what was previously important does not feel at all as important anymore. Privately my main drive and goal is to spend as much time as possible with my wonderful new-born daughter and wonderful wife, something that does not always align with the goals you might have with your job, a challenge I’m sure many recognise.

What is your most recent important insight?

I think my most important insight after having worked as a consultant before, and now in SMEs within a line function, is how important culture and people are for a company’s success. When I worked as a consultant, my focus was often on technology, quantitative data and “hard” factors, and I thought corporate culture, mission and vision were rather unnecessary. It might sound obvious, but I realised that the only way companies can become successful is through their employees, from top management to customer support, and a company will only get the best employees by having good corporate culture, a clear vision and goals that permeate the entire company.

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