Meet our Relationship Manager Frida Malm!

We are happy to introduce our relationship manager Frida Malm who with pace, passion and impeccable social skills manages the Agentum network.

Frida, tell us about yourself and why you decided to take on the position as Relationship Manager at Agentum.

After graduating from the Service Management program at Lund University, I started my career with an internship at EF Education First. Eventually, that lead to the position as sales intern and later product manager, where I stayed for a couple of years. When I was recommended to the position at Agentum, it felt like a great chance to step into a smaller and more agile organisation. The position also allowed me to maintain focus on relationships, people and meaningful exchange; not too far away from what a position within sales offers.

As a person I am enthusiastic, outgoing and adventurous but also have a considerate and calm side. I think that is the reason I enjoy a people-focused, high-paced job but highly value exercise and nature for balance. I am a big fan of skiing and I spend most of my free time either up in the mountains or training for the next time I go. It is my happy place.

What does your position entail?

Agentum has two main pillars. The first one is the recruitment agency, which is the part of the organisation that is more available to the public. The other pillar is the network, which consists of approximately 1500 professionals that we call our ‘agents.’ With our business model, these professionals are key to the recruitment process. As a relationship manager I am responsible for the network and I make sure that the agents are heard, seen and engaged. It is about maintaining a balance of mutual giving and taking; it is my job to make sure that the agents benefit from and enjoy their membership in the network, but also to make sure that the network benefits from the agents. In this sense, one could say that I have a position within management.  Two other main factors are social interaction – face-to-face conversation, feedback and meaningful discussions – as well as developing the network and hence the ‘product’ we are selling.  In this, my position falls within the intersection of business and people, which is exactly what I find exciting.

My goal is for agents to think of Agentum as an inspiring complement to their current colleagues, as we provide cross-industry contacts, opportunities to create new bonds and of course a chance to help people in ones’ surroundings. If the network is not sufficiently engaged, or if they feel neglected, the business idea falls. In sum, my position as a relationship manager enables me to work with people in a way that generates a win-win situation for agents, Agentum and the recruiting companies.

What is your vision with the company? 

A vision that I have is to create a generous and giving environment within the network, where agents can share knowledge, create new connections and feel equally included. I am amazed by how inspiring the people from the network are, and I am working on enabling them to meet each other more often as well. Our breakfast seminars are a good place for that; they provide an opportunity for agents to share, discuss and learn from each other’s different skill sets. Ultimately, I believe that the referral business model is a forward-thinking way of approaching the traditional recruitment industry. I hope that Agentum becomes the top-of-mind recruitment agency and network for finding great people.

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