Meet our new CEO Madeleine!

We are excited to introduce our new CEO Madeleine Celander, who joined the Agentum team in October. With a customer-focused mindset and a hands-on approach, Madeleine has delivered a brand new Agentum 2.0 in only a few months.

Madeleine, tell us about yourself and why you decided to take on the position as CEO at Agentum.

After graduating from Uppsala university, I started my career as management trainee at Modern Times Group. I then continued working within media at MTG for a couple of years before heading into the position as sales manager at EF. With EF, I got the opportunity to move to Switzerland, where I have been located the past couple of years. Last summer I was recommended to the position as CEO for Agentum and I felt that it was a great next step. I moved to Stockholm and since then it has been fast-paced and super exciting.

As a person I’m outgoing, energetic and passionate about people. I love networking and the whole concept of trying to find the best fit for a certain position via contacts. This interest of mine was established already during my time as head of Uppsalaekonomerna, where I spent a year doing exactly that. My passion for people has always been a driving force, and now I get to work with it on a daily basis. I’m often fearless in the way that I put myself out there and expand my comfort zone when presented with a new opportunity, especially with a cause that I believe in. Considering how much time people spend on their careers, I believe that finding the right position is essential for one’s wellbeing and personal development. Therefore it feels great to be a part in the process of matching great people with their futures.

What is your favorite thing about Agentum? 

The simple but brilliant business idea, and how it generates a win-win situation for all parties. It’s an easy process: We have a network of credible and trustworthy professionals – the Agents – who recommend people to open positions. Companies inform us when they are looking for new employees, and we ask our network for recommendations. The agents know their fields, they have relevant sector-specific networks and they are high-achieving in their lines of business, which makes them great at finding the right person. Being in the midst of an otherwise recommendation-based society, I think it’s only a matter of time before we apply this line of thinking to colleagues as well. Besides recruitment, our agents are able to connect with each other via our internal agent network. Running a professional network on top of the recruitment function gives my position as CEO an extra element of meaningfulness and sociability.

What is your vision with the company? 

My vision is to become leading in the recruitment industry, primarily in the Swedish market but eventually the Scandinavian or even international market. Our model is smooth, efficient and easy to scale so I’m really looking forward to this journey. We want our network to thrive with inspiration, new connections and great people. Also, it is hugely important for me to create a positive and encouraging corporate culture in which our own employees flourish!

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